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Who and why we are

Venice, 2011. A small group of committed global citizens decided they should use their expertises in business, law, international cooperation, economic development and technology to change the world.
Since what moves this world is business and finance, that's where they would start.
A world forum to share best practices in corporate social responsibility. Replication of these experiences on a large scale, combined with the implementation of the recently launched ISO26000, and strong investment in development of new technologies that would make economic development allied to sustainability possible. These were the solutions they found to pursue their goals.
America, Europe and Africa were the continents where the group has been operating throughout this decade in which the Corporate Social Forum has made history. Many other committed and highly specialized citizens in their professional fields have joined the group, making the Corporate Social Forum one of the most qualified authority on ESG and Organizational Social Responsibility.

Corporate Social Forum
Forum Sociale d'Impresa
Corporate Social Forum - Naples
CSF - CSR 2.0
CSF- Universite de Geneve
Corporate Social Forum - 2014
CSF - Italy
CSF Council
Corporate Social Forum
Salone RSE - CSF Italy
Corporate Social Forum - Africa
CSF - Costa Rica e Canada
CSF/FSE - Latin America
CSF - Jamaica
CSF - Sustainability
CSF - Italy
CSF - Agriculture & Food Security
About: Sobre
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